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“What’s Gaby Cooking” Book Signing at Williams Sonoma




Two weekends ago I went to a book signing for Gaby Dalkin’s latest book, What’s Gaby Cooking?, at Williams Sonoma. The set up was amazing, as a lot of the recipes found in her book were made for those of us at the event to try.  I also appreciated the fact that they had some oh so lovely refreshments (hellooooo strawberry margaritas) out to help combat the Houston heat and humidity.


I honestly can’t tell you how long exactly that I have followed Gaby via her blog and Instagram account but I can say that is been a good while. Her recipes and posts have always featured fresh ingredients, which is what drew me to her platform in the first place. What can I say, I’m a sucker for some color when it comes to my food. Also, if you haven’t bought What’s Gaby Cooking? already, I highly encourage you to do so!