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HMNS’s May the Fourth Be With You Mixer & Elixir Event

For those who, like me, take pride in being a nerd/geek/whathaveyou, you know that May 4th is a wonderful day that is known as Star Wars Day. As I am a fan of the franchise, I had to find an event going on around town that celebrated this wonderful day and, lucky for me, Sheila of Red Shoes. Red Wine. informed me of the May The Fourth Be With You Mixers & Elixirs event at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. I had a wonderful time at the event with being able to get into costume as Princess Leia and also being able to roam the museum at night.

For those who are in the Houston area and don’t know about the events put on by the Houston Museum of Natural Science, click here. I, of course, fully recommend the Mixer & Elixirs events as you not only get to stroll around the museum after hours but can do so while having your fill of food truck noms and a drink or two.









Oh and there may be a DJ at the Mixers & Elixirs events that has been known to cause a certain Princess Leia and her Jawa friend to (try to) get down and dance. Luckily no one was blinded that night by witnessing my impeccable dancing skills.




**Princess Leia costume purchase via Amazon and hemmed to fit my 5’2″ frame.